Easy Fast HTTrack Installation Tutorial

In this tutorial we try to explain about how to installation HTTrack to use in your computer step-by-step.

First, open your master installation driver in click twice until the window installation opened. Like picture below:

Click next on the right-bottom to continue the installation until show up the window screen like this picture:

In this window installation, you will see License Agreement window, click on "I accept the agreement" to continue installation.

You see, in this step installation, you will be able to change destination file installation on your local directory or you can let this installation file default.

On this step, you can change destination folder, or you can let him default.

In this step installation, you can select the additional tasks you would like setup to perform, while installation HTTrack, you can create a desktop icon, quick launch or none. Than you can click next.

In this step windows, just click install on the right-bottom button and let him working itself. or click back if you want to change any settings.

And yes, you're done. Now you can copy any website you want on the internet and save on your local directory.

Now, in the next tutorial, we try to explain step-by-step using HTTrack.

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