More Fast your Internet Connection on Ubuntu with change your DNS

Domain Name Server (DNS) is a system for saving the host name or domain name in the form of distributed database on the computer network Including the internet. On this article, I try to shared about how to choose the fastest DNS for your connection and how to use That on Ubuntu OS.

Find Your fastest DNS

For find fastest DNS for your connection, you can use application named Namebench for installation, open your terminal and write command:

$ sudo apt-get install namebench

After installation done, open your application open applications and you can choose which best suits your connection. If you have completed arrangements click "start benchmarking" to perform a DNS lookup process fastest. Perhaps the process will run for a while, so you have be patiently wait.
After the benchmarking process is complete, you will get a report in HTML format. You can open it with a regular browser you use. By looking at the page, should you already have DNS are ready to be used to further speed up your internet connection.

Using Benchmarking DNS

To enter the DNS address that we will use, click on the Network Manager icon on your Ubuntu desktop and select "edit connections .." and edit the connection that you use and then enter the DNS address in the "DNS Servers". Do not forget to click Save to save your settings. Maybe you also have to restart the existing connection so you can see the changes that occur.

Note: These tips I have tried to use on my Internet connection (DSL connection) and running smoothly. But it doesn't work on my mobile broadband connection


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