Copy Favorite Websites to Your Hard disk with PageNest

PageNest, one more a offline browser, which you can be able to copy your favorite webpage and/or entire website(whichever you prefer) to local disk on your computer. PageNest will be create an exact copy of what you see in your browser, like a html, text, css and images. PageNest will be create your own 'cache' of your page regularly. This software will be store copies of websites so you can read them when you are not connected to the internet. You can archiving your favorite sites before they change or disappear.

PageNest converts all links with relative links. All files will be saved to your hard disk as standard html pages, jpeg files and etc. Once you download your favorite websites, you can browse the site with your favorite browser or you can copy them to your laptop and take them with you to view when away from internet connection. PageNest can download many file type like html, shtml, php, and others file type. PageNest will be give the correct extension so it is usable to your computer.
PageNest designed to be easy to use, for example, buttons to move between sites in a single click, a range of sensible defaults so you rarely need to change many settings, and clickable list of recent downloads and others. This software compatible with Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP, vista and 7. In Ubuntu Linux,...
PageNest available on free edition and pro edition. PageNest Free Edition is a cut down version from they're commercial product. That's does'nt make it not secure from viruses, malicious software or any spyware. PageNest Free Edition is availble for non-commercial use. Can be used in the home, or for educational or non-profit organization.


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