Backup? Make Easy Now With Redo Backup

Redo Backup and Recovery is easy use backup tools for backup data on your computer. This software includes the easiest and most complete for backup the data in our computer. Every settings and document we make can backup and then in time we return it as the initial state. Redo Backup and Recovery can work in Linux or Windows. This is a opensource aplication, so you dont have to worry about license the use about this software, either for personal or commercial purposes.
Some feature of Redo Backup and Recovery:
  • GUI display is easy to use even for someone who used it the first time
  • Run on Windows and Linux OS
  • No need to install! Just simply boot from CD/DVD-ROM or USB Flashdrive
  • Can acces some file without login
  • Able to save a file deleted
  • Can directly connect to the internet and inside of the application Firefox browser is availabel!
  • Size is small for a live CD under 75MB
For more information about this software and feature click here
For using a Redo Backup and Recovery just enough booting from CD/DVD-ROM or usb flashdrive that contains live cd from Redo Backup and Recovery and then follow the instructions on the screen.
Next follow the instruction on the above link.


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