Getting More Fast Booting Your Windows PC With Soluto

Soluto calls him self "Anti-Frustation Software" and that's claims no hard to proove, because this aplication record every boot process on Windows and tell us what makes our system to be slow.
In addition to recording the boot process on Windows OS, this application can also be run when the computer is turned on. With these conditions, this software also can identify any problems that occurred that caused our system to be slow. After you install this application on your computer and then after you re-start your computer, Soluto will initiate action with a record of all processes running when you boot your Windows computer. And then Soluto can display all processes that have been recorded on your computer. Well, to make it easier for a beginner in deleting unnecessary processes in your Windows computer boots, there is division of the group into the "No-brainer" or "Potentialy-removable". It is very easy for us are less familiar with the process of running a Windows OS.
Now back on "can run when computer is turned on" if you find your system run slowly, you can choose to activated "My PC Just Frustated Me"by enabling this options, so if this Soluto found any application that caused the system to be slow then Soluto will warn you by displaying a warning box.

For download this "free" software, you can click link below:

Note: need to Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 to install this program


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